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Jérôme Jarre

Christmas baking dreams with Krisztina

BakingLoveKrisztina shares her Christmas special the Gingerbread House

Martin Neitz the power of Zeam

Zeam a great way to say Thanks

Tom Beck Alles in die größte Kraft

To the South Pole by tractor Manon Ossevoort

While traveling Iíve collected dreams of people everywhere. Wishes, written on small pieces of paper. They travel with me on the back of the tractor. Iíll take them all the way to the geographical South Pole and there I want to build this big snowman with the dreams of the world in itís belly. I […]

Henrik`s dreams

Henrik Hörmann`s passion is writing books. He is 10 years old. One of his dreams: to meet sucess author Thomas Brezina. Whatchado a very smart start up in our network gave him the opportunity to interview him. A more detailed report coming soon

As I began to love myself

One of the most important lessons for DreamA´s Start loving yourself Your dream works

Raphael Ungar´s dream: playing in the NHL

Raphael Ungar is a Hockey goalie His dream is to play Hockey in the NHL Be inspired by his dream development steps That´s the dream he drew for his mother a couple of years ago (he as the goalie of the New Jersey devils) Find more info about Rapheal on his blog:

I want to be an astronaut

“Wenn ich mal groß bin, will ich Astronaut werden”, sagt der Sohn zum Papa. “Klar, Junge, du wirst Astronaut. Oder Höhlenforscher. Vielleicht auch Versicherungsvertreter. Oder Sachbearbeiter. Wird sich schon noch zeigen.” Zu finden ist der Brief im Technik Museum Speyer, den ein 11-Jähriger im Jahr 1969 an den “Mann auf dem Mond” Neil Armstrong geschrieben […]