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You were born with potential DreamAs

You were born with potential You were born with goodness & trust You were born with ideals and dreams You were born with greatness You were born with wings You are not meant for crawling so don’t YOU HAVE WINGS Learn to use them and fly Rumi

Aviation & Space Future Forge @ DREAMICON VALLEY

More X periments @ DREAMICON VALLEY

Dream development in the mountains

A Message to Recent Graduates, from Nicholas Negroponte

Jim Carrey’s Commencement Address

Arian Foster SELF MADE


13-Year-Old Builds Mars Rover For Science Museum

The Mars Rover by Beatty Robotics from Robert Beatty on Vimeo.

Forget What You Know: Jacob Barnett

Most of the time the greatest advances come when you stop learning + start thinking + start creating I solved a problem in my own unique way Be the field Thanks Jacob

Matthias Gumhalter dream development

Matthias dream November 2011 June 2013