Jérôme Jarre


Tudor Tarlev founder Kineters

Tudor Tarlev is a promising entrepreneur. He was born in Moldova and now he lives in Romania and connects the underground community. He spent a week @ DREAMICON VALLEY to develop his dream. http://kineters.com/welcome-to-kineters.html http://tudortarlev.com/?p=1094

Yuki Naruse Nomad Project all over the world

Yuki is an amazing global citizen traveling the world and exploring the future http://nomadp.com/cn32/dreamacademia.html http://www.techinasia.com/japanese-man-travels-world-seeks-global-entrepreneurs-nomad-workers/


Dunaj Galeria Toastmasters


DREAM ACADEMIA Team @ START UP live STARTup Live (formerly named Startup Weekend) is a success proven innovative event concept to support people in developing their ideas further, raising it to the next level. It´s all about You Dr. Ederl ´s famous pitch Congratulations to the fantastic TEAM of START europe

Future Lounge 5 Education

Ideas worth spreading. More and more talents and experts find their way to DREAM ACADEMIA´s Future Lounge. This time Norbert Hackl presented TOBIAS School and Rosemarie Sadjed her school project in Kenia. Johannes Lindner from Schumpeter school and Dr. Peter Krauskopf from Vienna Business School gave us an inside view of modern entrepreneurism. Chaos Drums […]

Just to remind you

“Ohne die Träumereien von Visionären und Utopisten lebten wir heute in einer ganz anderen Realität. Es gäbe keine Opern und keine Schulen, keine Flugzeuge und kein Penicillin, keinen Rechtsstaat und schon gar kein Frauenwahlrecht, wenn Menschen nicht immer und immer wieder etwas gedacht und ausgesprochen und getan hätten, was zuvor noch keiner gedacht oder ausgesprochen […]