AMI Sopron

Janos Szurcsik is teaching students at the design university AMI in Sopron the second year in a row he invited us to experience the amazing work of the students at their diploma tests

TEDxSummit Doha Day 3

So exciting = I am speechless Advertising in the local tv station

TEDxSummit Opening Night 2012

Amazing big theater on the Katara TED stage. Almost “undreamable” fantastic. The Livestream was recorded

Highlights of TEDxPannonia 11 11 2011 Infinte Dreams

Talents Experts Dreams @ DREAMICON VALLEY

TEDxPannonia 2011 Infinite Dreams @ Dreamicon Valley

11 11 2011 11.11 am This year we dissolve boundaries @ Dreamicon Valley and celebrate the next edition of “ideas worth spreading” Find inspiring T alents E xperts & D reams in the exceptional location of the monastery Sopronbánfalva (Kloster Wandorf) BE PART OF IT

TEDxPannonia 11/11/ 2011

Preparations for TEDxPannonia 2011 just started First impressions + you can apply as a speaker with a 60 sec video pitch + more details soon


István Joos is a very inspiring person and a leader. He is the founder of a non profit community with the aim of helping each other.

What´s wrong with our food system

Birke explains why he will be an organic farmer instead of a NHL football player

TEDxPannonia Women

Next Einstein Africa