To the South Pole by tractor Manon Ossevoort

While traveling Iíve collected dreams of people everywhere.
Wishes, written on small pieces of paper.
They travel with me on the back of the tractor.
Iíll take them all the way to the geographical South Pole
and there I want to build this big snowman
with the dreams of the world in itís belly.
I hope that people will hear about this story and think to themselves: if you can drive a tractor all the way to the South Pole, and be safe, maybe this one dream that I have is also possible. Maybe I should just do it!

As a theatre maker I invented a story
of a girl traveling to the end of the World on her tractor.
But what is the ‘End of the World’?
A child could say: the South Pole! Because it sounds like going to the moon on a tractor, but maybe it is possible!
An adult might say: a country torn by famine or war, a place where people lose hope.
Both voices said: go!

I realised that if I would put this story into reality, I could tell stories about real people and the real world that are inspiring! So I thought: Maybe we should just do it!

So become a friend and support her dream

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