Dreamicon Valley presentations

Dreamicon Valley presentation @ the World Architects Masters Ischgl thanks to Martin Drexler and the entire WAM team http://www.wam-open.com/newsletter/archiv/newsletter_en_06.html Dreamicon Valley presentation @ Startup Camp Bratislava thanks to Radovan Andrej Grezo and the entire team Dreamicon Valley presentation @ Future Ideas Karawanks thanks to Alexander Mann and his team Dreamicon Valley presentation @ DPM Kuchl […]


They are changing the world http://www.dewhitesign.com/

Coworking Salzburg Romy Sigl

Romy Sigl = pure power and inspiration See her brand new coworking space in Salzburg http://www.coworkingsalzburg.com/

Tudor Tarlev founder Kineters

Tudor Tarlev is a promising entrepreneur. He was born in Moldova and now he lives in Romania and connects the underground community. He spent a week @ DREAMICON VALLEY to develop his dream. http://kineters.com/welcome-to-kineters.html http://tudortarlev.com/?p=1094

Dr. Laber & his Arduino Event

Manuel Laber is a techie freak. Besides many of his amazing projects he hosts an Arduino workshop. It will take place March 17./18. @ Sektor 5 in Vienna http://www.laberslab.com/events/arduino/index.php

Palette house & Solardecathlon

Claus Schnetzer and Gregor Pils are two speakers of our first TEDxPannonia. They are the architects of the award winning palette house and the project leaders of the Solardecathlon 2013 in California. http://www.palettenhaus.com/

Ideenfabrik we can dance

Ideenfabrik Vividbeans from WE CAN DANCE Animation Studio on Vimeo. http://wecandance.de

Simon Jacko feinkoch


Inspiration for future solar systems by 13 year old Aidan Dwyer

Dreams @ Boutiquehotel Stadthalle Vienna

If you ever come to Vienna we recommend to stay in the Boutiquehotel Stadthalle. Why? It is simple. The sustainable concept of a low energy building (actually the wrong word because the building is filled with pure energy) was realized by the passionate owner Michaela Reitterer. She and her amazing dream team turned a simple […]