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Christopher Fuchs

Kitesurf Pro & Entrepreneur from DREAMICON VALLEY living his dream right now in Zanzibar



The Meaning of Life explained by 3rd graders

There is always an answer to everything

Have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition

Fear kills dreams

You have to make a declaration

Live each day as it would be your last

There is always an answer to everything

Marina Abramovi? Advice to the Young


Greenpeace Activist & Diver & Rainbow Warrior & his project MANAIA


= is the science of visualizing audio frequencies

Just imagine your school class looks like this

SIMON SINEK |Learning New Ways to Use Your Passions

The goal of life is to know WHY you do what you do to wake up every single day with a clear sense of purpose or cause of belief
And the fun of life is to find all the different ways to do that
I get out of bed in the morning to inspire people to do what inspires them and if we do that together we can change the world

Hayley Reardon

Hayley Reardon

Hayley Reardon

I got to spend a few hours of my day yesterday at the Google offices in Kendall Square. My time there was so cool in so many ways but one of the best parts was getting to meet these guys. When I asked Harald and Hermann what brought them all the way from Austria, they simply said “dreams.” And they didn’t just mean their own dreams…they meant everyone’s dreams. Their organization, #DreamAcademia is based off the idea that we are all “dream developers” and can all encourage ourselves and each other to go after what we want and lead lives that we love and enjoy. Everywhere these guys go, they ask strangers “what is your dream?” Next time I meet someone new, I’m going to skip the small talk and start with this question instead…you should try it too. #dreamdevelopers #dreamiconvalley