Baking love with Krisztina

Krisztina Maksai and her talents

Raphael Ungar´s dream: playing in the NHL

Raphael Ungar is a Hockey goalie His dream is to play Hockey in the NHL Be inspired by his dream development steps That´s the dream he drew for his mother a couple of years ago (he as the goalie of the New Jersey devils) Find more info about Rapheal on his blog:

Electric mobility @ DREAMICON VALLEY

TED ED = an education dream

Just imagine the most passionate people from all over the planet for the education of your kids + free + and all over the world accessible This is the TED Education program Another fine example how the world is changing. Expect more amazing things to come. Your dream works.

Dreamer Magazine Australia

Carl Lindgren was one of the participants of the TEDxSummit in Doha. He is the founder of Map Magazine map magazine thinks that Dreamers make the world a better place and that there are tons of them that don’t get featured in the mainstream media! So it’s our mission to tell their stories. map doesn’t […]

Felix Baumgartner´s dream

For all DreamA´s: check out this amazing story from Felix Baumgartner. I had a dream… and this was it!!! Back in 1974 when I was 5 years old I drew this picture and gave it to my mum. When I did my first skydive on 23rd of August 1986 my mum handed it back to […]

TEDxSummit Doha Day 3

So exciting = I am speechless Advertising in the local tv station

Dreamicon Valley presentations

Dreamicon Valley presentation @ the World Architects Masters Ischgl thanks to Martin Drexler and the entire WAM team Dreamicon Valley presentation @ Startup Camp Bratislava thanks to Radovan Andrej Grezo and the entire team Dreamicon Valley presentation @ Future Ideas Karawanks thanks to Alexander Mann and his team Dreamicon Valley presentation @ DPM Kuchl […]

Coworking Salzburg Romy Sigl

Romy Sigl = pure power and inspiration See her brand new coworking space in Salzburg

Tudor Tarlev founder Kineters

Tudor Tarlev is a promising entrepreneur. He was born in Moldova and now he lives in Romania and connects the underground community. He spent a week @ DREAMICON VALLEY to develop his dream.