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Carl Lindgren was one of the participants of the TEDxSummit in Doha.

He is the founder of Map Magazine

map magazine thinks that Dreamers make the world a better place and that there are tons of them that don’t get featured in the mainstream media! So it’s our mission to tell their stories. map doesn’t define a successful person by great financial wealth, enduring fame or an impressive swag of material possessions. To us, a successful person is one who walks their chosen journey in life with great passion and an active conscience. One who achieves a sense of inner peace and happiness along the way and shares it with those they come in contact with. One who finds beauty and inspiration in their everyday surroundings. One who does not destroy or take advantage of the ‘spirit ‘of another.

Founded in September 1999 by Carl Lindgren, map magazine is Brisbane’s only free monthly lifestyle magazine (40,000 copies per month distributed by letterbox and street delivery) focusing on people, and the latest in fashion, design, arts, entertainment, green, habitat, pop culture with a conscience and global thinking. map magazine is an intelligent and inspiring magazine and restores the values of community in Brisbane.


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