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Dream Coworking Camp El Gouna 2014

Mr Troutloud Peter Buchroithner

Dream development Update 2014 ) )

Downtown project update

Have you ever heard of the Downtown project? It´s an almost unbelievable experiment and it´s like a signpost into the direction FUTURE Must read article in the WIRED Magazin How Zappos’ CEO Turned Las Vegas Into a Startup Fantasyland

Solardecathlon champions dream development

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Roman Firnkranz

Co-Founder & CMO bei ComfortZoneCrusher und Founder & CMO bei Leetweb Online Marketing

Till H. Gross | The Comfort Zone Crusher

Till the Comfort Zone Crusher @ Dreamicon Valley & a great assistant for Santa & a smart mind (presentation @ The University of Vienna in German) check out

Peter Buchroithner

The man behind Trout loud – share what you love

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