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Hey fellows,

this post goes to all my goalie colleagues and coaches out there and is exclusively for you guys. I’ve been talking to some of you about it already and here it finally is.

For those of you who don’t know what this is about: I will demonstrate and talk about the different possibilites in a blocking situation you have and why I believe that there is a better way to stop the puck from what (most of) you are doing right now and what it looks like.

Really important for me is: Not matter if you think “Wow, that’s it” or “Oh my god, this kid has no freakin’ clue what he is talking about”, I hope you can at least learn this: It is very important to reflect your game and think about, why or why not you would do it. If your coach or parents tell you something, make it a dialogue between yourself and your counterpart and maybe you will, together, end up with an even better solution. This can not only be applied to hockey but a big range of different fields.

Enough talking, now watch and enjoy:


Special thanks to Hugo Haas for elaborating and patiently explaining the theory step-by-step to me.



P.S.: I am aware that I am far from an expert, so if you have any suggestions for improvements, additional information or maybe a totally different opinion on the whole concept I am looking very much forward to hear and learn from you and try it out myself ;)


Emma Watson Speech – Feminism


I am back again, and no, this is not the special post (yet) I planned on putting up but I came across this video today and just felt like I had to share it with you folks. This is truly amazing, it gave me goose bumps all over and this very unique feeling  in my stomache(you will know what I mean when you watch the video if you don’t already). I was very very moved by this speech and I believe every single human being should see and spread this without even thinking about it. Make sure you listen to the incredible, fantastic, tremendous,brilliant, superb, excellent, outstanding message Emma Watson has for the world .

I agree in every single point she makes and listening to her carefully choosen words makes me speechless. It is simply awe-inspiring. I cannot put into words how I feel about this. Just watch and see for yourself. #heforshe

And my next post will be the big surprise I was talking to you about- promise.

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Finishing up Business in Vienna

GDI Photo cool
Copyright Robert Harson

Hey folks,


my last few days have been really busy here but I will elaborate more on that once I am finished catching up with everything that has happened thus far.

So I finished the season in Vienna with a 92.13% SVS( Save Percentage) and a GAA(Goals Against Average) of 2.52 after a total of 14 games played. Overall I was really happy with how the season went for me concercing my performance throughout the season. I made some very big steps forward and improved my game a lot. Here I have to give special thanks and credit to Michael Elmer for all his effort and work that he put in. I am very glad about the opportunity and possibilty of working with him and being able to learn so much.

One of the few things I was not overly happy with was the amount of games I got in but I kinda knew that right  from the start even though I was still hoping on getting a bunch more in. But that’s something that might happen if you are shooting for long term goals. In case you might not know, I want to go and play college in the US and for that reason I cannot play pro hockey because it would cost me my eligibilty. The coach therefor told me that I won’t get too many games because they want to rather push a 3rd goalie for their pro team to play more which is reasonable.

But a very positive aspect about playing for the Vienna Capitals was the opportunity to practice with the pro team once in a while which I really benefited a lot from and it gradually got better from practice to practice. We really had a lot of practices in general and I simply loved that, it was great, because whenever I step on the ice, no matter if it is an early morning session or late night practice, is just unique and I know it is a privileg which not everybody has, so I tried and make the best of every session.

I almost forgot to mention that we did, unfortunately, not make the play-offs but the season was, with all it’s ups and downs a great new experience which I learned a lot from and surprised me with a few things which I was able to learn a lot for my life.

I also just quickly want to talk about my life in Vienna besides hockey. I shared an apartment with my wonderful twin Sascha, who studies technical mathematics at the TU Vienna, and it was really really nice. We got closer and learned a few new things about each other and I really loved it because we never spent much time together when I was in St. Pölten but did now. I also ended up meeting a bunch of very cool people who couchsurfed with us, which I think is a great possibilty to not only get a free place to sleep but also to get to know the culture of a country, how locals live, what they do,…not just the touristic way of exploring a place. I can really just reccommend that to anyone.
Other than that I finished my first year of university which I really liked and is very different from high school and I especially liked my psychology courses in the 2nd semester which asurred me in my decision to study psychology in the states.

Sascha and I

Overall I have to say there where a lot of ups and downs but much more ups than downs and I learned very very much in this year and am extremly happy and excited about the experience and all the adventures I had.

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Whatever you do, do something meaningful to you.


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New Adventure Sweden

Hello my friends,


it has, again, and I thouroughly apologize to each and everyone of you, been a long time since my last blog post and I will catch up on everything in the next couple days with a few posts about the finish of the season, summer and I also want to share some thoughts and events from my personal life with you.

I also wanted to let you know, that I will keep my entries up to date now and post every 2 weeks, so get excited to hear more often and on a regular basis from me from now on!

Sigtuna Sunset

This is what I will call home for the next 6 months or so- Sigtuna, Sweden. A small town with approximately 22 000 people and a 30 minute train ride from Stockholm. I will be staying in the dorms of SSHL (high school here) and hope to meet as many interesting people as possible and have a very unique experience which I will remember for many years.

How I ended up here? Well, a lot of things happened since February and I will talk about all that in my upcoming posts. I basically went to the “Pre-Draft Showcase” in Boston led by Mike Beharrell, who always goes there with, for the most part swedish squad and the rest is a mix of euro guys, to help players get exposed overseas and get them junior and college contracts. So I ended up being there and Mike offered me to come to Sweden and play for his team, the HC Arlanda Wings, which I ended up doing and I am certain it was the best decision I made as everything is great here.

I moved here 3 weeks ago and simply love it. The area is gorgeous, people are nice and the hockey is really good. I kinda struggled the first week and still had to get used to the different style of play, speed, people, culture and the whole new environment.


I noticed right away that this is a different level of play than from what I am used to in Vienna. It is a much more up tempo game, shots are generally speaking harder and the attitude and mentality is a totally different one. Everything was quite new but I feel very comfortable now and settled well. I will be competing in the J20 Elit league here and looking to improve my game big time and make some enormous gains over the season as a player and person. I am really trying to squeeze every single inch out of my possibilites and be the best I can.

The team is also starting to grow together as one now and become more like a family for everyone, which is good news and one of the main reasons was probably our roadtrip this past weekend. Right now we are still in our pre-season and have some time left to make that even better until our season starts on the 19th and I cannot wait for that. I am really superexcited and up for the task to establish myself here and make myself a name in Sweden, especially in the Stockholm region and make all the people here wonder: Who is this guy?

That’s it for now, I will be back in the next few days and catch up on some stuff

See you then




Long time no see- Life in Vienna

Hello fellows,


I know, quite some time passed since my last article and a lot had happened since. I moved to Vienna and share an appartment here with my twin brother. I am playing for the Vienna Capitals EBYSL team and studied philosophy at the university of Vienna for the first semester which was really interesting and helped me to broaden my horizon. The start was a little bit frustrating, as I did not get to play a  lot but after some time and loosing a few games we should have won I finally got my starts as well and helped the team win games. I am currently at a 91.8 SVS% with a 2,39 GAA. I was also able to put up my first shutout against Villach and also get an assists on the 2nd goal of the game( Final result was 0:3).I did not have any bad games yet, which I did from time to time last year and am able to keep my intensity and consistency on a high level all the time.

One other thing I also benefit a lot from this season is being able to practice with a pro team every now and then. The first time I stepped on the ice with time I pretty much looked like Swiss chesse in net, but I was able to adapt quickly and as time went on I looked solid and felt more comfortable each time going out. Another thing that also played into my hand is the new goalie coach I got to work with.

I have over the past 6 years always worked with Christian Cseh, who is a fantastic coach, I learned a lot from and who also helped me develop and step up my game, year after year. But the Caps organization acquired Michael Elmer as their goalie coach, working with all levels from U8 right up to the pro’s. He comes out with us every ice session and at the start of the season we always had 20 minutes of just skating before practice which helped me improve my game big time. It is also great to have a goalie coach out for every session, because he tells us if he sees something and always pushes us to be the best we can be. We also have 2-3 times a week extra morning ice, where we work on a lot of goalie specific stuff plus the extra goalie ice we have once a week.

Having a different goalie coach for a year really helps a lot and I would recommend it to anyone, because he adds different aspects to your game and sees things differently. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to change the way you play, but you should reflect on the points, just give them a try and be open to new things.

Right now I am planning for next season to finally make my way overseas. I am planning on participating in a few try-outs and probably 2 showcases. I am already extremely excited about that. But I’ll talk about that more as soon as things are set and details worked out. For now I also focus on the rest of the season, as my team needs a few more points to climb the play-offs(we need to finish 2nd in our division and are currently in 4th place with 7 points behind) so I am also really excited about that and look forward to the upcoming weekend playing 2 games in Budapest.


Thanks for stopping by


©Leopold Vymlatil


Dissapointment, Hope and the Future


Success for the relentless

4 years have passed now since I am living and playing in St. Pölten. If I look back at those 4 years I already start to miss them. Of course did I go through a lot of struggle, pain, fight, blood, sweat, tears and hard times but all those things only made up a little part compared to the wonderful and unique time I had here. I not only learned a lot about hockey but also life, what it takes, what is important. Now I am away from this terrific environment and into the “hockey world market”. I did get a taste of how it is like already as I first got a contract to NY Applecore but they could not find a billet family for me so now, 3 months before the upcoming season I am without a team and desperately looking. I was really down and even felt like giving up when I heard the bad news which first sounded like a bad joke. But then I got up again, thanks to the few that supported me and now I am hungrier than ever and I know something will work out and it will be the best opportunity for me to develop and get closer towards my goal. Now that I am also done with the I.B. and only have the oral Matura ahead of me I can focus almost solely on my hockey development. I also learned a lot through the I.B. and I think it helped me develop my personality because it was extremely hard and though but now that I have overcome that obstacle as well I am very proud of myself. I am also very grateful for my coach Jason who is trying everything he can to find a team for me, this also gives me energy and the necessary hope to go on. He is also one of the coaches I will remember my entire life because he was so much to me and all of us. He was not only our coach in those last 4 years but a teacher, a friend and a father. I feel very honored to have been coached by him. But not only he made it possible for me to be where I am today but also all my teammates, my family, my teachers, my friends, my opponents… anyone who was there in some way the last 4 years and I am thankful for every single one of them. Even though I am going through a though time right now I will not give up, merely the fact that there so many people that count on me and believe in me, all those people that stand behind me, these are the one’s that make me strong and remember why I am doing what I am doing. I have already come so far and worked so much to get closer to my dream and I know I will eventually get there, no matter what and guess what, no one ever said it is going to be easy so will relentlessly persuade my dream and go for it.

Thanks for your support and belief in me


Another great day at Dreamicon Valley

Here is another interview at Dreamicon Valley with me about my dreams, life, who I am and what built me to become who I am today.

I hope you liked it, maybe leave a comment/feedback
See you soon


Interview at Dreamicon Valley

Hello guys!

Here is a short interview with me, when I spent a great day at Dreamicon Valley with Hermann Gams, Harald Katzenschläger; Tudor Tarlev and Benedikt. We had some fantastic conversations there, I had a really good time and enjoyed it a lot. Days like these make me believe in a sustainable future and boost my hopes for a better world. Be part of it and take initiative.

Keep dreaming


Junior Year

Hello fellows!

The last 2 months in school were unbelievably stressful and tiring. We had to do huge loads of work. Every week we had at least 2 tests coming up, a lot of things needed to be done for the I.B. which is now starting big time. We have so many assignments, lab reports, essays, etc. to write already. I noticed it takes basically good time management, hard work and effort to get the Diploma. These summer holidays will not be much holidays but more school time. I also want to get things done as soon as possible so they are out of the way and I can focus on the next task. I am also not too satisfied with my final report card as I got a 3 in French but other than that it was okay. I am also already finished with all my CAS hours and I have to finish my Extended Essay on September the 7th which will be a nice amount of work over summer. Something I have to mention here is also that I really enjoy going to school and learning something. A couple of my classmates already dropped out of the I.B. and will only do the Matura because they say it is too much work, they cannot get it done, it is too hard, you do not necessarily need it, etc. but I really believe it is worth doing it because it is always good if you have more graduations you could show to companies, universities, etc. Yes it is work and yes it is not easy but at the end of the day I will not regret it because it is a unique chance you do not get anywhere else and it might open one or two more doors in life so why not. I also have tons loads of work to do for school over the summer holiday. I have to complete my Extended Essay which is 4000 words long and similar to a scientific work. The lab reports for Physics need to be done and handed in which is also a lot of work to do and I have to write my Written Assignment for German which requires some good effort. The last thing and one of the, if not the most important thing in my entire life, which will basically decide over my whole future is study for the SAT, because I want to go to a top end university like Harvard, BC,… more than anything else and to accomplish that I have to perform outstanding on the SAT and I will!

A class photo from my Junior Year

I will keep you posted and hope you enjoy it



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