The Art of the Start – DREAM ACADEMIA bei Guy Kawasaki

In honour to Guy Kawasaki, this Blog-Entry is in English. Well. Ok. We had the pleasure to meet Guy Kawasaki at his speech about “The Art of the Start” in Vienna yesterday. We were happy to give him a piece of Austrian Engineering, a personalized Jacket from our friends at GR Sports. Also, we took the chance to present to him our very first talent, Max Schwinghammer, as we know Guy is crazy about hockey.

What we learned from him is, that it is our part to change the world. To make the people overthink their structures and spend positive thinking to the people and build a start-up culture like it is in Silicon Valley. Cause our products are great, our patterns of thinking are not. It’s our part to change this. Today. So let’s get started. Your dream works!

The Team of DREAM ACADEMIA with Guy Kawasaki

The Team of DREAM ACADEMIA with Guy Kawasaki

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