What happened so far @ DREAM ACADEMIA – A Review

We´d like to show you the development of our project DA that article is from the 1.1.2009



Expect the BEST of WEST and EAST


“Max, how did you like the Montreal Canadians’ play-off?“ – ”It was great, but I would rather play myself.“

Max Schwinghammer is from Alland, a small town south of Vienna. He was raised by his single mother who did not have the opportunity or the funds to finance an international sports training. The future looked bleak for becoming a future ice hockey star. But, Max had a dream.

“To make dreams come true, the seemingly impossible must be tried time and again.“

Today, Max plays for the Harrington College in Canada. His coach is the Olympic champion Igor Kravchuk. The world needs people like Max. People with talents and goals, lateral thinkers, unconventional people.

The Dream Academia has a goal. We want to find, foster and develop exactly those people. To make the world a better place. For you, for us, for everybody.

The world needs unconventional people – the “odd birds“.

Who are we?

A conformist has never before changed the world.

You are probably asking yourself: who is behind the Dream Academia? Who are those visionaries that call themselves Dream Developers?

Well, let us put it like this. We are escapists. From a world in which we lived quite well. We are people with a vision, who want MORE than just to live well.

We are experts in our field, and we are on a mission to find the best experts in other fields. To fulfil the dreams of our talents. The best of West and East.

You should think we are crazy. We are different, the exact opposite of unalterable and unchangeable. We share an ambition. To help people realize their dreams, by living our dreams. Because, dreams only exist to be lived.

What do we do, what is our vision?
”Only if one sets one’s sights high enough will one tower above mediocrity.”

Our aims comprise the search for exceptional people, the successful promotion of talents, and the development of new training models. All in all ambitious goals. But, our thoughts are more profound than that.

Join us in our world of dreams for just a moment.

What if we could find and further the best talents of the world, irrespective of their areas of expertise. By living our own dream and by realizing our full potential. By carrying on and establishing sustainable structures, even though we have reached our goals. Structures, where talents become experts and experts promote new talents.
By creating an environment in which we leave our footprints for the world. By establishing a win-win situation for everybody involved. We cannot think of anything more beautiful than that.

Is this only wishful thinking? We believe that dreams exist to be lived. And, together we can achieve this. We firmly believe in this. This is what we live for.

How do we do it?

Top-talents attract top-talents. This is our concept.

Have you ever heard of the “dream concept“? No? Never mind. We will gladly explain it to you:

The “dream concept”: discover – recognize – establish – accomplish – multiply

Dream Academia discovers

The Dream Academia discovers extraordinary people or experts who approach us with their dream. We help them develop their talents.

Dream Academia recognizes

A jury recognizes much unused potential and selects new talents through scanning and testing.

Dream Academia establishes

The Dream Academia establishes winning strategies to make dreams come true.

Dream Academia accomplishes

The Dream Academia accomplishes the seemingly impossible. It implements one of its strategies so that individual dreams can be realized. Talents become experts.

Dream Academia multiplies

New talents open up new possibilities. In the Dream Academia we multiply such opportunities by sharing them with like-minded people. We combine the know-how of experts from the West and the East and make it accessible to everyone in the global village. This is what sustainability means to us.

How do we achieve our goals?

A business concept? It’s more than that. SPIRIT!

Great teams have one thing in common: a spirit! Their joining spirit. A horizon of profound meaning. This is what spurs them on. Therefore, we do not have contracts that run over pages. The only thing that matters is our handshake.

Money? Money can never be a decisive factor. Financial success is not the cause, but the result of spirit. The difference between mediocrity and excellence lies in the fact that for every outstanding achievement there is a real cause.

Passion is the motivation for every major goal. We are affected by this virus and we are doing very well with it. We firmly believe that stumbling blocks never get in the way of new paths, they only lurk along old paths.

Our handshake is worth more than long-drawn-out contracts.

“It’s your choice to create something larger than yourself.“


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